Sleepy Songs and Not Very Sleepy Songs

Here it is! This is the home of Herbie Treeheads almost famous album.  Put together in 1998, with the assistance of Robert Lee, these songs have been gathering an underground following ever since, through appearances at the Glastonbury Festival and other significant world events.

A batch of CDs were made and distributed several years ago.  Bootlegs of 'Sleepy Songs and Not Very Sleepy Songs' have been circling the world ever since. Whether you’ve heard these songs performed by The Herbie Treehead Experimental Disaster Band, or enjoyed The Change Song on Putumayo’s  world-wide release European Playground or accidentally sat on the CD in the back of someone’s car, now is your chance to listen to three of the tracks.  You can even BUY the album as a gift HERE - or download it HERE!!

  1. Sleepy Songs and Not Very Sleepy Songs was written by Herbie Treehead and performed, arranged and produced by Herbie Treehead and Robert Lee at DIB DIB DUB STUDIOS 1998.

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